Fresh Concrete Division

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Clean Up Co.,Ltd.
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From public facilities to the building of neighborhoods that
brighten daily life-SUEHIRO SANGYO contributes to
the development of cities and regions with the vital
materials that from the foundation for growth.

Trust Above All Else, One Company United.At SUEHIRO SANGYO,we continually hone
the technologies that guarantee the quality of our products and services.
We come together to contribute to the regional community. Our mission is to respond to the
deep trust placed in us by our customers by supplying products that can amply meet their needs.
We thank you for your steady support and hope you will stay with us in the years ahead.

Kenji Agata, President


Manufacture and Sale of Fresh Concrete
Sale of Secondary Products
L-shaped blocks
Flat plates
Modular block retaining walls(for building-site,road,and foot-path use)
Gravel and Sand Sales
General Trading


Other Business/General Trading Division

Ohnojiku Museum Coffee House Horaikan

Yakiniku House Senju

General Trading Division

Kyoei Shokai Co.,Ltd.